Reich Air Quality Monitor With Bees

The international airport Schoenefeld, Berlin, Germany, located in rural areas on the outskirts of the city. In this area, the German government held a long-term project to monitor air quality. By way of studying the local bees, here honey they produce.

"Monitoring of the honey bee will complement our air quality control systems," Reveal Jochen Heimberg, officials of the division responsible for the environment around the airport, as quoted by Daily Independent, May 27, 2011.
In a statement, Heimberg mention, in addition to studying the honey, it also will monitor the bees and their nest to get a more complete picture about the condition of the air and pollution that occurs.
For this program, scientists will work with local beekeepers to learn how to develop the airport Berlin-Brandenburg affect the surrounding environment.
For information, Schoenefeld airport, which first opened in 1934 in the region southeast of the city is currently being expanded on a large scale. Later, the airport will become the only airport in the city after the Tegel airport was officially closed.

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