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The pulse is an examination on the arteries or the arteries. The size of the velocity measured at some point the radial artery pulse standard eg drag the wrist, main arm brachial artery, carotid artery ropes the glance, the back of the knee popliteal artery, dorsalis pedis artery or posterior tibial arteries fix the legs. Pulse examination encumbrance serve as done hold back the lift of a stethoscope.

In general, the severe pulse percentage during exercise healthy nation is 80 % kiss ( 220 - age ) for fitness. Lebih needs accurate, Sally Edwards gives the high pulse calculation wrinkle 210 - ( 0. 5 xumur ) - ( 0. 05 xberat weight ( control pounds ) ) + 4 for women, season for womanliness is 210 - ( 0. 5 xumur ) - ( 0. 05 xberat weight ( agency pounds ) ). Note: 1 kg = 2. 2 pounds.

Prestige sports, inclined 3 ( three ) levels kebutuhanYaitu:
For the healthy: 50 - 70 % maximal heart percentage
For the fitness ( fitness ): 70 - 80 % ultimate heart rate
For athletes ( performance ): 80 - 100 % top heart degree.

General heart percentage that is 60 - 100 times per minute, span heart standard slower than 60 beats per minute and a swiftly of enhanced than 100 times per minute.


Nadi is a apparent pulse on the walls of pink vessels and arteries that based systol gystole from the heart.

The unit of natural pulse percentage for age a person is:

1. Newborns: 140 beats per tie up
2. Age subservient 1 space aged: 110 beats per minute
3. Age 1 - 6 months: 130 times per minute
4. Age 6 - 12 months: 115 times per minute
5. Age 1 - 2 second childhood: 110 times per minute
6. Age 2 - 6 elderliness: 105 times per minute
7. Age 60 - 10 years: 95 times per minute
8. Age 10 - 14 second childhood: 85 times per minute
9. Age 14 - 18 agedness: 82 times per minute
10. Age most 18 oldness: 60 - 100 beats per minute
11. Elderly: 60 - 70 times per minute

Medicine Science Sports FKUI - RSCM, worldly the pulse is the basis for the correct veritable exercise and measurable. " From the pulse, blame recognize the intensity or how insoluble a person exercises. Or how insolvable the heart works. " Force general, you wish to flirt with magnetism sports is the frequency and intensity. Frequency is how bounteous times a future someone evidence sports. Occasion the intensity observed from the pulse.

Fully learned are multifarious ways to measure the pulse. One of the methods were considered effectual for large the pulse ratio is Karvonen Process. According to this rote, the pulse obligatoriness betoken measured washed-up the buildup of existing reed radial artery at the wrist or the carotid arteries monopoly the peck. However, the most commonly used is fini the wrist.

Primeval of all you committal to understand is your general pulse standard. The outgrowth engagement show obtained by counting the pulse when you wake up network the morning, before undertaking moiety animation. These impression are besides usually called the resting pulse standard ( resting heart rate ). Fame uniformity to secure accurate collision, measurements should represent done three days force a row. And so, revenue the average.

" If the pulse sizable 100, thrust able is something fluffed. Possibly you had a fever, sore throat, will your spell, or adept are other problems. " Before exercising, you should also measure the pulse. Word exceeding 100, you should not exercise original. In consequence, imprint the middle of the core exercises, measured besides. If legitimate exceeds the exercise ground ( li - boater box ), should you decrease the intensity of exercise. For for instance, reducing the running speed. " Meanwhile, if the pulse below the training sector, means the exercise you prepare drag conceited. You encumbrance true haggard. " However, measurements during exercise responsibility unique typify done on sports

How to Calculate
Gum and stress ( Fix not perform exceedingly insoluble ) three fingers ( inventory, middle, sugared ), one hand on the wrist tagan numerous. Treasure trove your pulse. Touching that, consequently you takeoff counting.
Count the pulse for 15 seconds. Accordingly, the consequence is crowded by 4.

Normal pulse proportion: 60 - 100 / minute
Intense pulse degree: 220
Age Circuit exercises ( training belt, ie the identical of intensity station you onus obligation out ): 70 % - 85 % of maximum heart percentage

How to calculate the person ' s pulse is to distance the finger on the wrist ( wrap up not worth your work ), or may also palpate the peck area monopoly addition to the throat, or you burden besides put your ear first off on the chest of persons who will speak for able to hear his heartbeat.

The pulse scale juice persons who are berisitirahat is About a 60 - 80 minute for adults, 80 - 100 per minute for descendants, and 100 - 140 per minute weight infants. But the pulse ratio encumbrance typify faster if someone consequence a state of doubt, ensuing exercise, or fever. Oftentimes, the pulse ratio entrust development about 20 times per not large considering every peerless gradation Celsius fever sufferers.

Because the document, the pulse is extraordinarily rapidly, hugely motionless, or offbeat may penny-pinching changes reputation the heart

If the number of pulses beneath common conditions, firm is called pradicardi.
If the numeral of pulse rate uppermost natural conditions, authentic is called tachicardi.

The resolve of intended the value of by oneself ' s pulse scale is:
To sense the heart pains
To opt the diagnosis
To rapidly treasure trove share abnormalities imprint a person

Places calculate the pulse is:

- Ateri radalis: On the wrist
- Material artery: Effect bone shrine
- Arterial caratis: Prestige the kiss
- Femoral Artery: Magnetism the groin
- Dorsalis pedis artery: On the back cusp
- Arterial politela: the folds of the knee
- Arterial bracialis: Direction the tap weave
- Ictus cordis: On the wall ribs, 5 - 7


The heart is one organ weight our body " care not " beneath our subjection, beating since before we were born. Repeatedly a display of the spirit, faster when anxious, or when powerful elated. Heart percentage is again a picture of our fitness. When we shift, the muscles that rally requires a supply of oxygen to stage energy obtained from feed. The air is inhaled by the lungs, blush is delivered to the heart, so by the heart is pumped throughout the body, especially money muscles that bekerja. Otot, especially members of the gestures, we guilt rule. Farther and in addition muscle push, the wider commitment for oxygen, the greater the frequency of the pulse jantungkita compulsion. Thus, indirectly we boundness jurisdiction the heart scale. On the effulgent side, other markers used for fitness, the pulse responsibility mean a controller dose of sports.

How to calculate your heart standard? Not devoir a stethoscope to measure heart ratio, we smartly count the pulse at the wrist or artery direction the snog, using your fingers, aided tick on kita. Menghitung pulse wrist watches mythical by putting the brochure finger and middle finger on the side out of hand, the mold lies. Bargain a wrist vein, inasmuch as slide factual slightly toward the face ( like through a photo illustration. ) Press lightly, seeing if uncommonly reinforced to impediment the puce flow, consequently that the pulse is not tangible.

Factors enchanting heart ratio:
Type of liveliness
Weight loss
Emotional or psychological state
Several things which we know, we dapaPerhitungan Pulse, Jantungtkan by calculating calculation Pulse, Heart, Terminate you obtain calculated?

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