Graduation Day | Practice condoms sold

Graduation Day | Condoms Laris Manis | Since Sunday (15/05/2011), followed by the announcement graduation high school student / SMK / MA, purchasing condoms at a pharmacy to increase in Malang. Most buyers are young people.

According to a pharmacy owner in the city of Malang, who declined to be named, since the day before the end, many young people who buy condoms in apoteknya. "This habit, almost everyone comes to completion, " he said on Monday (5/16/2011).

He said he did not know exactly what to buy condoms to the young children. "But do not take if young people had to buy condoms, something else, " said pharmacy owner in the area of Jalan Pasar Besar them.

An employee of other pharmacies in the area Supriadi, breadfruit, Malang, also acknowledged that it increased condom sales. "There's a lot of shopping, especially on Sundays, " said the guard was a pharmacy. He did not speculate what the children teen age to buy condoms.

Meanwhile, after the recognition of one of his students in a smkn in Malang, Recky, some students are celebrating the conclusion of sex with her ​​boyfriend. "I know there are some students, graduates vent to his joy, because in this way, " he said after visiting the convoy before the Neustadt train station of the city of Malang.

After Recky favorite location to celebrate the graduation is in Batu because of the many villa resort. "But they usually do with a friend, 'he said

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