Scientists Discover Ancestors Deadly Virus HIV AIDS

 WASHINGTON - Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( HIV ) is still quite a newcomer among other human pathogens.

 Now is avowed, a newfangled pathogen is recognized to recur and spread dominion the last few decades alone.

 Influence truth, HIV is deriving to obtain existed since approximately 32, 000 to 75, 000 age

 To that extreme, a numeral of researchers looking for the origin of the virus.

 Initially they suspected that the Ape Immunodeficiency Virus ( SIV ), virus predominance primates was the one who gave birth to HIV. SIV virus itself allegedly was several hundred agedness older than HIV.

 Alongside maturity some research, Preston Marx, Tulane University virologist origin construct the opposite. SIV virus seems to obtain aged at primitive 32 thousand oldness. That is, the virus was ad hoc contemporaneous, you could speak halfway simultaneously shroud the appearance of humans, remote before the perceptibility of HIV.

 Grease the study, Marx and his gang tested SIV mark monkeys from the island of Bioko, the island is separated from the continent of Africa about 10 thousand elderliness ago.

 " Apparently, Bioko variant SIV viruses obtain a bourgeois ancestor tuck away the virus mark the African continent, " uttered Marx, owing to reported by Ailment Research, January 5, 2011.

 " This indicates that this virus has spread out been commenced at antecedent, and undistinguished much older, " he spoken.

 " Consequence biology and geography SIV evolved significance matching a road from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean to the tip of Africa, "

 Marx spoken, the events of the 20th century has transformed the SIV virus from a simian virus that break the serious misgiving to humans. " Numerous redness transfusions and the hike figure of densely populated neighborhood has helped the spread of SIV that evolve into HIV, " he verbal.

 " If we bring about not bonanza what triggers the appearance of the HIV epidemic, bodily is onerous to prepare for what diseases will mean up-to-date next, " said Marx.

 " We can generate new variants of the virus without knowing how to stop or control it, " he said.

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