Sweat with Weak Heart

Some say, if the body to sweat excessively, especially on the hands, could be a person suffers from a weak heart. Is this true?

According dr. Intan Airlina Febiliawanti, excessive heated rap indeed happen to anyone. Excessive perspiration charge indeed happen, this is called hyperhidrosis on the palms.

" Primary Hyperhidrosis charge materialize, context that sweat glands are very active command tanganlah elbow grease. Or factual could be junior. Direction this case, positive could be caused by populous things, not true the heart, " vocal a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tarumanagara this.

Amassed preference according to Diamond, sweat emerges considering licensed are hormonal abnormalities.

" Due to varied persons say is an abnormality consequence the heart organ, but not necessarily if you have a weak heart you sweat like this. So, my advice before you scared, come first to your doctor for a check - up so that it knows the cause, " advises Dr. Diamond.

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